Thursday, April 15, 2010

1980's at the Disneyland Hotel

The 1980's were a period of tremendous changes for the Disneyland Hotel. The Hotel struggled to keep pace with people's needs and changing tastes, its owner passed away in 1984 with new management immediatley following and then renewed efforts by Disney to purchase the Hotel with their eventual purchase in 1989. With all of these distractions, the Hotel still managed to create new amenities like Seaports of the Pacific, new bars, restaurants and lounges, a new beach and various other activities for its guests. The Hotel was a tourist destination in and of itself.

Seaports of the Pacific - A couple of shots of the Seaports of the Pacific at the Disneyland Hotel mid 1980's

Pavilion - The Pavilion Bar at the Marina, Disneyland Hotel 1980's

Papeete Beach - If I had you guess where this picture was taken, would you ever believe it was at the Disneyland Hotel?

Goofy's - 1980's brochure photo showing Goofy's Kitchen

Pedal Boats - 1980's brochure photograph showing a dad and daughetr enjoying the pedal boats.

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