Saturday, July 17, 2010

Disneyland Gold Passes

The Disneyland Gold Pass was issued to a select few families, business associates, investors and friends of Walt and Roy Disney. Today, I have posted some unique items from my collection detailing the receipt and gratitude Jack Wrather and family had for these Gold Passes. The last one signed by Walt was the 1966 card and by Roy was the 1971 card. Walt did find time to let it be known he wanted the Wrather family to have a 1967 pass however he was unable to sign them. I believe the letter I have posted was written by Walt Disney's secretary and it did occur after Walt's passing. With all Walt had on his mind and being very sick, he still remembered his friend and business partner Jack Wrather. To me, that shows just how special the bond was between Walt and Jack.

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1958 Letter from Walt Disney - This 1958 letter announces the issuance of the Wrather families 1959 Gold Passes to Disneyland Park. Walt issued his first pass to the Wrather family in 1956 and they receive passes to this very day.

1959 Disneyland Gold Pass - signed by Walt Disney and issued to the Wrather family.

1966 Letter from Walt Disney's Office - I believe this letter is from Walt Disney's personal secretary letting Jack and family know that Walt wanted them to have their 1967 Gold Passes to Disneyland. This was determined just prior to Walt's passing prior to Walt entering the hospital for the last time.

Letter to Roy Disney 1969 - Jack would write to Roy Disney expressing thanks for the Gold Card to Disneyland. He would also state just how much his family enjoyed these gifts.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Disneyland Gold Cards

Walt Disney would personally deliver these Gold Cards to the Wrather family at the Disneyland Hotel and they were all personally signed by him. Chris Wrather told me an interesting story about his mother, Bonita Granville Wrather. When she was in final negotiations to sell the Hotel, she asked Mr. Eisner if the family could retain the rights to Gold Cards for life. Mr. Eisner happily agreed. The deal was then completed.

1956 Gold Card - Issued by Walt Disney to the Wrather family

1959 Gold Card

1960 Gold Card

1965 Gold Card - Just a year before Mr. Disney passed away.

1966 Gold Card - This would be the last that Walt Disney would sign for the Wrather family.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Disneyland Hotel Golf Course

Posted a couple of golf shots today. Will post some more shortly as well as details with facts and figures.

Overhead View - The golf course was adjacent to the first tower building and the original guest room structures.

The Disneyland Hotel golf course.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dave Smith, Walt Disney Company Archivist to Retire

Dave Smith, Chief Archivist at the Walt Disney Company has announced his retirement after 40 years with the company. His retirement will coincide with his 70th birthday in October of this year. I personally want to wish Dave well in his retirement and also acknowledge the many times he has helped me out with research and clarification on Disneyland Hotel related questions. Dave has always responded to my enquiries which have greatly improved the content of this blog as well as the Disneyland Hotel book and addendums to the book. Dave built the Archives from scratch to what it is today. For those of us lucky enough to have visited the Archives, his work is evident in the structure and content of the materials located there. My visit there was most productive and Dave helped me immensely. We wish you the best of luck with sincere hopes for a wonderful retirement. You will be sorely missed and I am hoping you will still have a hand in the happenings at the Archives. I am sure the department will be left in good hands. Here is to a job well done Dave and God bless!

Dave at His Desk - From my visit to the Archives

Studio Archives - Here is a picture from my visit to the Disney Archives in Burbank, California. I am often told that I am the fourth handsomest in this picture.