Sunday, January 12, 2014

Vintage 1950's Hotel and Disneyland Footage

How about a little fun. I recently obtained a vintage film which featured footage of Disneyland and the Disneyland Hotel from the 1950s. I have clipped out this footage and pasted it below. 

1950's Disneyland & Disneyland Hotel footage. Not sure of dates although I would say this is some time in 1956. Strange that there are no people in Disneyland. Doesn't look like the shops area of the Disneyland Hotel is open for business although the Gourmet Restaurant may be. Gourmet opened in February, 1956. Pool has no people and it opened in June of 1956. Missing some items in the pool area like the cabanas for dressing which were added last, just prior to opening and no lounge chairs around the pool. I can even see a truck parked on Main Street inside Disneyland in one part of the film.

Any guesses to specific dates? Please provide evidence and reasoning for your input.