Monday, July 27, 2009

1957 Vintage Footage From The Disneyland Hotel

Tonight, I am displaying some great still shots from some 16 mm film footage of the Disneyland Hotel from 1957 which I recently had converted to DVD. I now have over 100 (at least) new images from this footage and these are shots from rare areas not usually seen. This footage was professionally shot and features images of the first lobby, the shops area (includng the interiors of a couple of shops), the gardens, the Hotel signs, the Gourmet Restaurant, the Tram loading zone, the playground, the putting green and some great interior room shots. As if that weren't enough, you can follow the events of a beautiful, statuesque blonde as she drives up to the Hotel then tours the grounds. She resembles Marilyn Monroe but I do not know who she is. Hope you like these shots. You can check my website for a picture of her and below. I believe this footage was to be used for a TV commercial but I can't be sure.

Watch my website because I just may make this DVD available as well as many of the images from the footage.

Disneyland Bonus Pics from 1957