Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Very Rare, Very Early Photos

While conducting research recently, I found the following photographs which are no doubt personal photographs and show the Wrather family (Chris, Jack III, undientified lady) at the Disneyland Hotel during construction and very early on (my guess 1955 or 1956). These are very unique and rare photographs and I hope to find more of them.

Photo above shows construction on the restaurant/administrative wing of the Hotel which would have been late 1955 to early 1956. The station wagon that Chris and Jackie are standing next do is the same one that is on the Disneyland Hotel postcard which I will add at the bottom of this thread.

Photo above shows the electrical tower which was south of the Disneyland Hotel complex.
Photo above shows the very first guest structures from the Original Disneyland Hotel. These five structures had 100 guest rooms.