Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mixed Bag

Today, I present a mixed-bag of Disneyland Hotel related photos. These range from the beginning of the original Disneyland Hotel in the 50's to the demolition in 1999. I had many people ask if the Monorail Station at the Hotel was just revamped and painted for its present location in Downtown Disney. These shots prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the original station was completely demolished and removed. It is in its exact location but was completely rebuilt in 1999/2000. As soon as I can remember who provided me with these pictures (of the demolition), I will credit them. Right now, I just don't remember. Hope you enjoy this assortment of items.

Demolition - 1999 Demolition of the original Disneyland Hotel

Sad Shots - No doubt whatsoever. The Disneyland Hotel Monorail station was completely torn down and rebuilt. It is in the exact location however, it is not the original structure/platform

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