Thursday, November 13, 2014

1960 Disneylander Employee Newsletter

Several years ago, I purchased a stack of old Disneylander booklets/magazines on Ebay. Disneylander was the employee/cast member which I am told, Disneyland Hotel employees also had access to. This January, 1960 edition was interesting and I thought I would share with you because it has a story on Walt Disney which I admittedly know almost nothing about. The subject is the VIII Winter Olympic Games held in Squaw Valley, California from February 18-28. Looks like Walt Disney was quite involved in the planning and organizing of the festivities that went along with this.

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sgtdisney said...

Fascinating article. In all my years of reading about Walt Disney, Disneyland and everything else, I never knew Walt was involved in this. Very interesting. Loved the late 50's early 60's language in regard to the "gals in the office." So mid-century.