Saturday, August 23, 2014

Inn at the Park

This is for my friend sgtdisney. I have to admit, I know almost nothing about this Hotel but here are some nice pictures for you.

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sgtdisney said...

Thank you very much, Don, for posting this. This was really cool to see. I have always been interested in the connection between this property with the incredible Disneyland Hotel. I had stayed here at Inn at the Park in the 80s when Jack Wrather owned it, when I was just out of school and couldn't afford the Dinseyland Hotel. We went to Disneyland this year and got the chance to stay at both the Disneyland Hotel and the Sheraton Park Hotel. It was fun to compare and contrast both locations and try to imagine what was different between them from today and when it was owned by Jack Wrather. Anyway, thanks again for posting and thanks for this blog. It is really nice to be able to see these things.


Unknown said...

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