Sunday, November 28, 2010

Update on Garden Rooms....Dateline September 10, 1958

I just started reading over some of the documents from a pile of roughly 1000 documents I scanned from the Wrather archives. The date of the letter is September 10, 1958 and it is addressed to a bank which helped Jack Wrather many times through the years with the financing of the Disneyland Hotel. The letter states, "we have just started a building with 36 additional units, making a total for the Hotel of 236." This building , the ninth of eleven Garden type structures would actually have 34 rooms making the total 234 rooms at the Disneyland Hotel. I know the building was operational by July 4th, 1959 from an overhead picture I have but I have no information on when it actually first opened. It all depends on how long it took to build this single structure. I do know that the litigation between Wrather and Alvarez is what prevented building further additions to the Hotel between 1956 and 1958. On August 8, 1958 the litigation's ended and Jack Wrather bought out Helen Alvarez from all of their joint holdings which included a 50% share in  the Disneyland Hotel. Based on this September date, expansion began almost immediately after the court cases were settled.

Another mystery solved....sort of.

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