Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brochure Deviations: 1980's & Seaports of the Pacific

In continuing with the brochure deviation theme, I am presenting the 1980's brochures and their deviations which featured the Seaports of the Pacific addition to the Disneyland Hotel. First, some text on Seaports of the Pacific introduced in 1980 at the Disneyland Hotel.

For the summer season of 1980, the 25th Anniversary of the Disneyland Hotel, the Seaports of the Pacific shopping area was added to the marina. Under construction since February, it replaced what had been the artisans market. Ed Ettinger, the project's supervisor, explained, "What we've developed is a living theater consisting of those special environments associated with exotic ports of trade in the Pacific Basin." Side by side were an Indonesian pagoda blue tile roof, an Australian weathered tin roof, a Polynesian bamboo roof, and a Latin American red mission-tile roof...a wide variety of colors and textures. Staffed by authentic personnel, the Seaports was a mingling of accents and cultures. In the International Bazaar were to be found an arts and crafts market and shops of imports from the South Seas. Mimes, magicians, and strolling musicians entertained at this international bazaar. Sausalito Sue, a rustic cocktail barge, floated close by on the marina. Entered by means of a wooden ramp, it offered drinks and snacks.

And now the Seaports brochure and its many deviations.
There were two covers to this brochure ranging from 1983 to 1987
The 1983, 1984 & 1986 brochure back covers
The 1985 back cover mentions the Hotel's 30th anniversary
The 1987 back cover
This page remained unchanged and intact in all brochures from 1983 to 1987
1983-1985 map section of the brochure
The 1986 & 1987 map section
1983-1985 interior brochure
1986 & 1987 interior brochure
1983-1985 interior brochure
1986 & 1987 interior brochure
While the brochures shared many similar pictures and text, there were also numerous differences. So when you think you may already have a brochure in your collection, make sure to double check that they are not different versions that just look alike to the casual eye. Happy collecting!

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walterworld said...

On the 1983-1985 map, finally I see mentioned by name the Fiesta Arcade (on the west side of building E), where I spent a whole mess of quarters back in 1981-82, at the height of the first video game craze. It was in a converted motel room space...

Thanks for posting all of this great stuff!