Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Original Pictures from Bill Cotter

Today I am adding original pictures from the files of Bill Cotter. Thanks Bill for allowing me to share these. If you get a chance to bid on Bill's pictures on disk on Ebay, I would highly recommend that you do so. His shots often show areas of Disneyland and the Hotel not often seen by the masses. They bring back so many wonderful memories and they are all in beautiful living color. I love Bill's book "The Wonderful World of Disney Television" which I refer to often when finding shows on television. If you love the old "Wonderful World" Sunday night shows, this book will sure bring back some great memories.

Guests outside the Disneyland Hotel Shops - The shop area was a wonderful way to enjoy your stay at the Disneyland Hotel. It was also where my family would buy gifts to take home to give to other family members not on the trip. This was one place where men did not mind shopping....well at least I never minded shopping here. I absolutely loved those black stone sidewalks. They just added a touch of class to me. This shot was from the 50's though I do not know the actual date.

Exterior of the restauarant area at the Original Disneyland Hotel - I loved those black stone sidewalks. They felt so cool during the hot summers.

Restaurant Area - The parking lot on West Street and the restaurant exteriors in the 50's. I love those cars and that architecture.

Walkway between Garden Structures - Jack Wrather paid close attention to details and made sure the grounds on the Original Disneyland Hotel were lush and beautiful.

Putting green - Beautiful shot of the architecture, grounds and amenities at the Original Disneyland Hotel

Sign Close-Up - A close-up of the putting green rules sign.

Coral Club - The fountain that guests (mostly kids) would use as a wading pool. Man was that nice on hot summer days!

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