Sunday, January 31, 2010

1956 Pink Disneyland Hotel Brochure

This is the elusive brochure that was the most difficult to obtain for me. I now believe I have them all. I actually had another one of these a couple of years ago but it was somehow misplaced. This is the first brochure to use actual pictures of the Disneyland Hotel. It's the second 1956 brochure and is very rare. I love the 50's colors and the 50's look of this brochure.

The front cover of the 1956 Hotel brochure.

Inside look at the first brochure with actual pictures of the second configuration at the Disneyland Hotel. The Hotel now had a little over 200 rooms and several restaurants, a new lobby and an Olympic size pool.

Inside the Hotel. If you look closely, a couple of these pictures are posted earlier in this blog.

Rooms started at just $10 per night.

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