Saturday, September 13, 2008

Personal Photos

One of the most fun finds are personal photographs from the Disneyland Hotel. Either finding them on Ebay or having someone send them to me, it's always nice to view (and share) someone's own personal photos of the original Disneyland Hotel. They often times show views not normally seen as is the case here with the other side of the lobby shot presented here. I have never seen another photograph with this view. Hope you like these.....I have more!

Personal Photo 1957 - Love those exposed girders and 50's architecture

Personal Grounds Photo 1957 - Olympic size pool not too terribly long after it had first opened

Guest structure and tropical setting

Front shot of original Disneyland Hotel Lobby Building

Guest structure with lush lanscaping in the foreground

Rare view from the back of the original Hotel lobby

Vast landscaping on the grounds

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