Tuesday, September 16, 2008

1955 Disneyland Hotel Opening

The plans called for the Disneyland Hotel to be opened as close to the opening of Disneyland (mid-July 1955) as possible. As these articles indicate, due to labor strikes and the massive headcount needed to build Disneyland, the project was delayed until early October. Even then, it opened with only seven rooms with an eighth used as the registration office. This very early facility had almost no amenities either. An old ranch house on the property was converted to the first restaurant on the grounds and was called the Little Gourmet. It wasn't until mid 1956 that the Hotel was able to offer the many restaurants, shops and facilities to its guests and become a full-service facility.

Labor Contract Details - Part of the reason why the Disneyland Hotel was delayed by at least two months in opening. This article was dated September 18th, 1955.

The Disneyland Hotel was delayed in opening by severla months. This article details why......not enough skilled workers available due to the amount of work still ongoing at Disneyland. This article was dated August 2nd, 1955.

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