Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Original Lobby and Registration Desk at the Disneyland Hotel

When the Disneyland Hotel first opened in October, 1955, they were using a guest room to register guests. In mid 1956, the Administration Building opened and with it, a sparkling new registration desk. This was of course, provided you did not want to register from your automobile which was an option initially at the Hotel. There are many photographs of exterior features and services throughought the years at the Disneyland Hotel but, interior shots like these are very rare indeed. I only wish I had these pictures before I published the book on the Hotel http://www.magicalhotel.com. These priceless interior shots were provided to me by Molly Wrather-Dolle, oldest daughter of original Disneyland Hotel owner Jack Wrather. It was a much simpler time in America's history. Parking was free, meals were $1.25 complete and rooms at the Disneyland Hotel started at only $9 a night! The Disneyland Hotel was a piece of 50's Americana where many familes shared some wonderful times in their lives. I sure do miss the magic of the original Disneyland Hotel.

Very first Registration Lobby - Used from October 1955 until mid April, 1956, a converted guest room was used as the original registration area for the Disneyland Hotel

Close-up of original registration location - The sign says Registering Guests which was an actual room used until the new lobby was opened in 1956

Office sign on guest structure wall - The very first registartion office was actually in a room at the Disneyland Hotel. This was used until the Administration Building was finished in 1956.

The Second Disneyland Hotel Registration Desk, 1957

Travel agents near registration lobby - The Disneyland Hotel featured full service travel agents to help arrange sightseeing, tours, transportation and flights back home.

Interior lobby showing hallway from registartion area to travel services and beauty salon

Lobby Stairwell 1957 - The stairway to the upper conference rooms at the Disneyland Hotel around 1957

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