Tuesday, July 15, 2014

1999 Near The End Of The Original Disneyland Hotel

Here are some shots from 1999, some just days before the buildings were removed.

In just a few short months, the original portions of the Disneyland Hotel were demolished and removed.

The saddest picture to me. The last piece is left standing. The only thing remaining from the 1955 buildings.

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Tom said...

Those pictures are real treasures. I agree with that last shot: so sad. I stayed at the hotel for the first time in 2001, and never knew that the grounds that lay just beyond our balcony used to be the site of the old hotel.

sgtdisney said...

Awesome and sad pictures. I was just at the Disneyland Hotel last week, first time since the make over. I do have to say I liked the makeover more than I thought I would. I still miss the balconies... I just kept wondering what Jack Wrather would think of his resort now. I missed the Waterfalls, but what Disney did there looked OK. I'd rather have the waterfalls, but the little area with the waterfall and Geyser was nice. We stayed in the Frontier Tower and was please with my room, it was large and overlooked the pool with side views of DTD and Disneyland. We also stayed at the Sheraton Park Hotel, formerly Jack Wrather's Inn at the Park, so it was interesting all the way around. Do you have any info with Jack Wrather's involvement with that hotel?

Magical Hotel said...

I do have many pictures and brochures from the Inn at the Park. At some point, I will post these too. Thank you both for commenting. Was beginning to think no one was reading this blog.

sgtdisney said...

I look at it frequently, just don't comment as often as I should, but I always find it interesting. It's like having a time machine, if even in my mind's eye.. :) I would love to see a few things about the Inn at the Park. I was looking through a box in my basement and found an old Kaleidoscope magazine in it from a stay at the Disneyland Hotel in the early 80s. In it they mention that Jack Wrather was planning on converting the Inn at the Park into the Anaheim Hilton and working with Disney to try to extend the monorail. I guess neither of those things ever happened, but it was fascinating none the less.

Unknown said...
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