Monday, July 2, 2012

Milestones at the Disneyland Hotel 1967 & 1972

Check-In is my favorite magazine from the original Disneyland Hotel. It ran from about 1965 until around 1973, exact dates unknown. It contained so many articles, details and photographs from this period at the Disneyland Hotel. I used my copies (about 50 different issues) for many key pieces of information in my first book on the Hotel. Several pictures too. Here are two that show important milestones....the 3,000,000 and 5,000,000 visitors at the Disneyland Hotel on the Check-In covers.

And now a very funny story on the 5,000,000th visitor cover. The folks pictured were not the actual 5 millionth guests. Seems a gentlemen and lady checked in and the streamers were launched and the band played with a Hotel exec popping out with champagne and other goodies in hand. The gentleman quickly hushed the exec and informed him the lady he was with was not his wife and to choose someone else. They quickly cleaned up and gave the distinction to the next "actual" family who showed up. True story.

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What a cool website! I love how you have given all of this information about such a great hotel. I love the pictures you have found. Keep up the good work!