Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Tale of Two Tents

I think I know what the tent is at Disneyland in the top photo. I have no idea what this tent was used for at the Disneyland Hotel in the bottom photo.

Anyway, I love aerial photos. It seems you always learn something new from them. In this case, I learned a tent was erected at the Disneyland Hotel in May of 1960. I will now have to find out what it was used for.

By the way, I have added 600 pictures to my Disneyland Hotel collection all of which are simply amazing. I would bet the majority have not been seen in as much as 50 years or maybe more. The two above being part of the 600.

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Chris Jepsen said...

This is a long shot, but bear with me...

The Navy League of the United States held their annual convention (with well over 3,000 delegates) during the first week of that month. Dignitaries in attendance included the Secretary of the Navy and Gov. Brown's wife.
On May 5th, they were bussed down to Camp Pendelton to attend mock-battle/beach-landing excersize dubbed "Operation Big Top."

(BTW, one of those in charge of the excersize was USMC Brig. Gen. Thomas F. Riley, who later became one of our better known County Supervisors.)

The convention ended the evening of the 6th, so any tents they have have set up for the event may not have been taken down yet.

Happy New Year, Don!

Magical Hotel said...

Thanks Chris. Happy New Year,