Friday, February 5, 2010

1961 Disneyland Hotel Mini-Golf Scorecard

I am often asked, what are some of the most valuable items in my Disneyland Hotel collection. The 1961 Golf Scorecard pictured below would have to rank right up there. This is valuable for several reasons: 1). It is the first issued golf scorecard 2). It has copyright 1961 and was only used about six months 3). Perhaps the rarest has no scores written inside from playing the course. It was not written in. There are some like this one that have a 1962 copyright date but 1961's are very hard to find. In 1963, the scorecard was colored (as well as the actual mini-golf course). You can see a copy earlier in this blog of a 1964 version of the scorecard.

Front cover 1961 Mini-Golf Scorecard

The rules of the course. Copyright 1961 Walt Disney Productions.

Inside the mini-golf scorecard. Holes were themed after Disneyland Attractions.

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