Thursday, June 11, 2009

Need Your Help! Please Respond.

To everybody who reads this blog.

I am creating addendums to my book Disneyland Hotel The Early Years 1954-1988 These addendums will feature news and events that did not make it into the book that will hopefully fill in some of the gaps in the Disneyland Hotel story and provide many new images depicting the Hotel's rich history. I have accumulated a large amount of ephemera, photos, documents, brochures and such since the book came out and did not want to really create an updated new version of the book. I did this mainly to help those interested in the history of the Hotel with regard to the cost of an updated book. The addendums will be priced right and folks can buy whichever issues they are interested in.

I have two distinct ideas in mind as to what each issue will contain.

First idea is to write them chronologically starting with the idea to build the Disneyland Hotel and all activities up to the first opening (announcement, groundbreaking, pre-opening brochures, delays, overhead shots) on October 5th, 1955. Next issue would start on the first opening day and go until the end of 1956......and so on.

Second idea is to create addendums with a mixed bag of stories, pictures and events from the Hotel's history with no central dates or themes....sort of like the E Ticket magazine.

Each issue will contain 20-24 pages (maybe more) and I hope to put out 4-6 issues each year. Again, these will feature new information and photos from the Hotel's past that were not in the book. I may duplicate some photos to help with stories or enhance the before and after affect.

Please let me know which version you would prefer to see....either respond to this blog or send me an email My apologies to those who have already reserved first issues, I am working hard to get these out right away.

Thanks very much!

Donald W. Ballard


CP said...

Looking forward to the addendums, Don!
In thinking it through, I would vote for the latter. Because we already have your book to refer to as far as chronology, I believe a quarterly publication highlighting various aspects of the property would be ideal. Thanks again for all of your work and dedication to the project!

Chris Jepsen said...

If you have that much additional material, why not make it into a second book and be done with it.

Of course, I suppose you've already considered this and probably have reasons why that won't work as well as the magazine format addendums.

In theory, I slightly prefer the chronological model. But I think the "mixed bag" model will work better in practice.

Steve Tanner at Magical Trash said...

I like the chronological idea, but if you ever get new info and miss the timeframe, then you are out of luck. The "mixed" model would allow you longer longevity, while also provide a bit for everyone to enjoy, probably increasing the marketability of each issue.

Magical Hotel said...

I am leaning towards the mixed bag.....but I had so much on the beginning prior to the opening. Maybe I will create a special issue just on that.

Hrundi V. Bakshi said...

I think Tannerman has it right. If you stumble across more interesting pre-opening material you want to share and you've already moved on to 1968 - what do you do? Being able to bring a story about the pool in 72, Bonita in 1965, The Lost Bar in 2000, the waterfalls in 1984 - etc. would allow more flexibility and variety to hold a reader's interest.

Unknown said...

I also agree with Tannerman. I think he hit the head on the nail with his comment!

walterworld said...

Chronological appealed to me at first, but after consideration I must also agree with Tannermann. It would probably work best as a mixed bag.

I'm looking forward to subscribing...

Take care!