Monday, April 13, 2009

1956 Hotel Brochure

Tonight I have posted pictures of the rare 1956 pink & black Disneyland Hotel brochure. This is the last I need and now my brochure collection (obsession) is now complete. I have posted the brochure inside and out to show you all the details listed inside.

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I will be adding more content to my website as well as an update on the book addendums which are progressing nicely. Drop me a line if you are intersetd in a book addendum. Issues 1 & 2 are sold out but we may add another print run once they are finalized.


Chris Kittle said...

These photos are fantastic. My father (Bill Kittle) was the manager of the Little Gourmet and the Gourmet and later the Oak Room, you may remember me contacting you in the past. You sent me some great pictures of the Oak Room. It sure would be fun to see more Oak Room pictures. Some of these pictures bring back serious childhood memories. I had completely forgotten about the Gold Card. Each year our family would receive a gold card from Walt Disney, a very cool thing for me and my friends. Most weekends and most every day during the summers, Dad would take us to work with him, we would take the tram across the street and he would put us in the park for the day. What a way to spend a childhood. How lucky were we. Sorry, didn't mean to ramble. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.
Chris Kittle

Magical Hotel said...

Hi Chris and thanks so much for writing. I love hearing about your first hand accounts of the Hotel as do the readers of this blog I am sure. I will dig up some more Oak Room pics right away and post them. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and memories.

gillian said...
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