Thursday, May 8, 2008

Rare Pictures of Rare Amenities Featured at the Disneyland Hotel

I want to now present some rarely seen and short-lived areas at the Disneyland Hotel. The next series will feature these items. Hope you like them.

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walterworld said...

Thanks for sharing these rare pictures. Really neat to see the old facilities, playgrounds included.

Sure miss the old Pre-Disney Disneyland Hotel. Next thing to go will be the (renamed) towers; then there won't be anything left from the old days...

walterworld said...


On the latest pics of the Coral Club...That original Garden Room Structure in the background was the one that housed a temporary video arcade circa 1981. I played there extensively that year while attending two conferences with my Dad.

The arcade would be to the far right from where the pictures were taken; in the last two (converted) rooms on the bottom floor if I remember correctly. The Atari Adventure would have replaced this location I think.

Thank you for your continued posting about this wonderful Hotel---I've got a ton of great memories from my times staying there.

Fred Cline said...

Nice blog! Wow these photos bring back early memories.