Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fashion Shows at the Disneyland Hotel

From the time it opened in mid-1956, the Round-the-World Lounge featured fashion shows every Thursday afternoon at noon. I don't have an exact year these fashion shows ended. This was a great way in which the shops at the Disneyland Hotel could advertise their products. The models wore clothing, bathing attire, jewelry, handbags, shoes and other items for sale within the grounds. Many clothing ads were also shot on the beautiful grounds using the pool or the other buildings at the Hotel as backdrops. Boy have fashions changed since these shots!

1959 Disneyland Hotel Brochure - Brochure listing fashion shows

Close-up of the 1959 Disneyland Hotel Brochure - Ad for fashion shows at the Disneyland Hotel, 1959

Disneyland Hotel TV Guide ad from 1958 - Ad for fashion show at the Disneyland Hotel

Inside the Round-the-World Lounge at the Disneyland Hotel, fashion shows took place every Thursday at noon

Fashion Show next to the Pool - With an original Garden Room structure in the rear, models pose for shots from a fashion show circa 1958 at the Disneyland Hotel

Close-up of the Disneyland Hotel Coral Club sign

The Fashion Show moves from the Restaurant to Poolside

Early 60's Fashion Ad

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