Friday, May 9, 2008

The Monorail Cafe

Another sorely missed and beloved sight from the Disneyland Hotel's history is the Monorail Cafe. Originally, this restaurant was known as the Coffee Shop from 1956 until 1986. Bonita Granville-Wrather changed the name and re-themed the restaurant just two years before Disney negotiated the acquisition of the Disneyland Hotel. A favorite spot for just about everybody, the Monorail Cafe featured sandwiches, burgers, salads, chicken and the best milkshakes in town. I know my family absolutely loved this restaurant and greatly miss it. It was a great place to relax and get a mid-day meal after having walked for miles at the Park. The waitresses were friendly, the prices were reasonable and the decor was priceless. The walls featured vintage Monorail pictures of Walt Disney and his vision of the transportation for the future. Next to the mini-golf course, I get more requests for Monorail Cafe pictures and stories than anything else. Just an idea.....why not open a new Monoprail Cafe Restaurant in Downtown Disney?

Decor of Monorail Cafe

Register and Hostess Station Monorail cafe

Monorail Cafe Side View

Front Entrance Monorail Cafe

On the left, the Monorail Cafe and in the distance, the Travelport and Monorail Station

Cover of Monorail Cafe Menu


tofubeast said...

My parents used to always take me to dinner at the Coffee shop back when I was a kid in the early 80s. I remember the nearby toy store as well. A place I would bribe my parents with good behavior to hopefully score a Disney stuffed animal. Awesome blog by the way!

Kevino said...

My family and I first visited Disneyland in 1996, when I was a very young 44. We went back two more years, staying at the hotel onsite, walking to the park and passing Goofy's Kitchen and the Monorail Cafe a few times every day while going in and out of the park. I was horrified when we were told on our last visit the Cafe was closing They were offering menus and I bought one. But nothing will replace the atmosphere and the fun of those visits and the plainer and more lovely place that was Disneyland.