Friday, May 30, 2008

The Plaza Building

In 1966, the Disneyland Hotel underwent a $5.5 million expansion. The Tower Building was expanded to almost twice as big and the Plaza Building was added to the Hotel. The Plaza featured specialty shops of artwork, clothing, toys, restaurants and office space for the Hotel. The building space was leased to clients to sell their wares. The shops changed names and owners over the years and the building did not survive the 1999 demolition. See the mid 80's brochures for the tenants at that time in the Plaza as well as the Hotel Mall. I remember shopping in these buildings and getting an ice-cream from the shop in the Plaza.

Plaza Construction - From May of 1966, the construction of the Disneyland Hotel Plaza Building. My thanks to whomever I got this photo from. I can't seem to remember.

Plaza Building and Hotel Mall - View from the Sierra Tower at the Disneyland Hotel circa 1980

On the ground level at the Disneyland Hotel Plaza Building. This was actually one floor below the ground level of the Disneyland Hotel.

The Plaza Building at the Disneyland Hotel circa 1970. The building featured specialty shops and Hotel offices located on the third floor.

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