Saturday, May 10, 2008

1957 Disneyland Hotel Brochure

This is one of my favorite Disneyland Hotel brochures. It was the first brochure to use an actual picture from the Hotel on its cover as well as inside the brochure. Some of the most rare Disneyland Hotel collectibles are ones that list Wrather-Alvarez Hotels, Inc. on them. Originally, there were actually three owners of the Hotel: Jack Wrather, Mazie Wrather (Jack's mom) and Helen Alvarez. I will go into more detail on Helen Alvarez in a future posting. The Wrather-Alvarez partnership also included radio stations and other major holdings. The partnership disolved in early 1958. If you see Wrather-Alvarez on an item, you know it is from the very early days of the Disneyland Hotel.

1957 Disneyland Hotel Brochure Cover -
First brochure with an actual picture of the facility on the cover.

A nice overhead picture showing the various buildings and amenities at the Disneyland Hotel. In 1957, there were four different brochures printed

First brochure to show details of the grounds as well as the amenities at the Disneyland Hotel

Wrather-Alvarez Hotels, Inc. - The original partnership in ownership of the Disneyland Hotel.

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