Thursday, March 18, 2010

Walt and Jack Together

I found the picture posted below while conducting research for the addendums I am writing on the Disneyland Hotel book I do not know the date of the picture, any quesses with qualifying evidence? This picture was actually imbedded in a Wrather Corporation brochure from 1984. Walt definitely looks older than the pictures from the Hotel's grand opening in August, 1956 and he is dressed in a different clothing. My guess would be it was taken when the Monorail was extended over to the Disneyland Hotel.

BTW-the research was tremendously successful. I found at least four more pictures of Walt Disney and a member of the Wrather family together. Stay tuned as I will be posting these pictures just as soon as I get the scanned copies of them. The pictures as well as the new information I found are absolutely amazing.

Walt Disney with Jack Wrather at the Disneyland Hotel

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