Sunday, March 14, 2010

1956 Disneyland Hotel Items

A mix of Hotel items for this entry. The postcard is very rare and is one of three originals I have from the Hotel. I have no idea how many different ones they produced and little is known about the origins of these. I heard they wanted to provide postcards for guests and used these black and white versions while the color ones were being produced but I cannot confirm this anywhere.

Original Postcard - When the Hotel opened, it used regular black and white photographs to use as postcards while the first color cards were being made. These are some of the rarest Hotel collectibles to find.

Dining Receipt 1956

Guest receipt tab from the Disneyland Hotel 1956

1956 Guest Card - Newspaper alert for guests staying at the Disneyland Hotel from 1956

1956 Guest Card - Newspaper alert card from 1956

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