Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tracking Buildings on the Disneyland Hotel Property

Today's posting shows an elusive, very early feature at the Disneyland Hotel. Work was done on an existing building on the property to convert it into the Disneyland Hotel's very first restaurant. It was called the Little Gourmet Restaurant and is mentioned in the Hotel's first brochure after it opened. I am not sure how long the Little Gourmet remained open for business as the Gourmet Restaurant was opened some eight or so months later. There was mention of this building being used as a storage facility in its last years. It was demolished some time prior to or near March of 1959 as I have photos of freshly dug ground from this timeframe. I have yet to find an interior photograph or menu or for that matter any item from the Little Gourmet Restaurant.

July 1955 - Richfield Service Station and Little Gourmet Restaurant buildings close-up. The Little Gourmet building (right middle) was an original ranch house on the Disneyland Hotel property and was converted into the first restaurant on the Hotel grounds. It was called the Little Gourmet and served customers until the (regular) Gourmet Restaurant opened some months later.

June 1960 - Little Gourmet is now gone. Probably removed around March 1959. See Fresh pavement square in lower middle of picture.

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