Saturday, March 20, 2010

Miscellaneous Paper Items

I went through my Disneyland Hotel collection this weekend and made over 200 new scans which I will be sharing with you all. Hope you enjoy them.

1956 Disneyland Hotel Menu

This menu is from November, 1956. The new restaurants had been open a little over 8 months at this time and were doing very well. Jack Wrather wrote several memos to the other investors that the restaurants had been doing much better than he had ever expected. In fact, the size of the restaurants had been expanded from the earlier planned drawings exactly for this. Jack had a forecast report done prior to the construction of the Hotel and it stated the restaurants had tremendous potential. In application, they even exceeded what was forecasted. They had good food in all price ranges and people beat a path to them.

Front cover of 1956 menu

1956 Menu - Look at those prices!!

Gourmet Restaurant placemat from the 1950's.

Parking Pass - 1950's Disneyland Hotel parking pass.

The reverse side of the colorful parking pass.

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