Saturday, March 1, 2008


Please tell me what you would like to see. I have over 7000 images from the Disneyland Hotel's past. Overhead shots? Mini golf course? Monorail? Monorail Cafe? Shops? Restaurants? Ephemera? I want to make the site fun for all.


Rob said...

Hi Don,

I'd love to see some pictures of the garden rooms and buildings.


Major Pepperidge said...

Mini golf course! Mini golf course!

Or, can you please just post all 7000 images tomorrow? ;-)

Barbara said...

7,000?!! WOW!! So pretty much anything and everything will be interesting, but I will put in a request for monorail, old signage, parking/front of hotel, pics of rooms, views from rooms, tram, shops, emphemera, advertising, overheads, oh wait, that is almost everything?! Well, thanks for starting this blog, can't wait to see some of your goodies. - B from Orange

Biblioadonis aka George said...

I agree with everyone else! Just post... ;)

This looks like it will be very exciting at TODH for a while!

walterworld said...

I'd like to see a general map showing the location of all the old shops, restaurants and such a thing in your collection?

This would be great if only to answer the age old question:
Is the current Wine Cellar the former location of the Sailmaker's Den?

Thanks and I'm very much looking forward to seeing as many of your images as you care to post. ALL of them would be interesting I'm sure.

Also, since I stayed there a lot in the 70's, anything from that time era would really hit the spot!

Tinker Bell said...

Oooh, I just happened upon your new blog, and I'm excited! I'd love to see The Monorail Cafe, and shopping areas around the front entrance by the Monorail, The Shipyard Inn, the waterfalls, as well as the lagoon... and ice skating on the lagoon, too! That was always great fun. Thanks! :D I'll add your blog to the links on my blog, too.

Disneyana World said...

The rooms as they were in the 50s.

I saw an exhibit about Disneyland and they showed carpet and wallpaper samples considered for the DLH. Well, they were all hideous so I'd love to see what was chosen.

Also, any then/now shots.

Viewliner Ltd. said...

I want to see everything (lol) and appreciate all that you are sharing. But in particular I would love to see the Monorail Cafe pictures. It was a fovorite place of mine. Thank you.

mr wiggins said...

Don, the stuff you've posted here is blowing me away as much as your book. As far as topics go, all of it is fun, especially for this frequent DHL guest (it was our go-to getaway for over 25 years starting in the late 60's). But if I had to select a topic, I'd be especially interested in the history of the shops and restaurants... anything having to do with operations... and especially the employees. My wife and I knew so many long time hotel, shop and restaurant staff by sight and by "hello how've you been!" during those Seaports-of-the-Pacific-and- Shipyard's-Inn years, but can't remember any of their names. It'd be great to learn a little about the folks behind the smiles.

Thanks again for this blog, Don, it's very much appreciated.