Saturday, March 8, 2008

Disneyland Times 7-1955

Disneyland Times announcing the opening of the Disneyland Hotel

This ad appeared in a July issue of the Disneyland Times sold within Disneyland Park. The ad states that rooms would be available by August 15th but due to several labor strikes, the opening date was actually October 5th. Even on October 5th, only seven rooms were available to rent with an eighth being used as the Hotel Office/Lobby/Registration Room. These original rooms were removed in July of 1999 to make way for the Hotel's renovation and Downtown Disney. Wouldn't it have been nice to leave one structure up as a permanent museum to document and display the Hotel's rich history? You can go to the spot of these original rooms which is located in the grass area next to the outdoor wedding grounds at the Disneyland Hotel today.

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