Monday, November 22, 2010

What's in a Picture?

Sometimes, you can find some pretty interesting things within a picture. Take for example these pictures I am posting tonight. It's what is in the background (or the foreground) that is pretty neat!

Can you spot anything before looking below?

Why it's a highly collectable Magicland Disneyland Hotel bag. I actually have one of these in my Hotel collection and it has wonderful graphics. Note: you can also see the Gourmet Restaurant offices on the door in the upper right.

What else can we find?

Why it's the sign listing the tennants of the Plaza Building at the Disneyland Hotel. Interesting that Muzak had offices here but I guess it stands to reason. The Wrather Corporation purchased Muzak in 1957.

How about another picture to scan!
Why it's the same couple as above but in a different store in the Plaza. This time, they are actually in Magicland......must be where he got the bag! Can you spot anything interesting in this photograph?

Why those are Gilbert Company Erector sets! Remember those? Wrather had also bought the A.C. Gilbert Company in the early 60's. What's that below the Erector Sets?

Why it's Tonka Toys. I had Tonka Trucks when I was younger and they were sure fun.

This photo shoot of the couple at the Disneyland Hotel was from the March-April 1967 edition of Check-In magazine which was given to Disneyland Hotel guests upon you guessed it, check-in..

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