Friday, November 26, 2010

Two Story Buildings Room Count-Finally!

The Disneyland Hotel continued to grow in size and room numbers well into the late 70's. One thing I have never been able to get is an accurate count of room capacity per building for the original two-story guest accommodation structures. These structures were built between1955 and 1960 and totalled eleven buildings. I had room totals for multiple buildings but never actual counts for individual buildings....until now. I was able to purchase a Hotel telephone directory from the 1960's (some time between 1962 - 1965) which not only listed total rooms per building but it actually gives the room number and telephone extension of each room as well as all Hotel shops, services and offices.

 This first picture is from 1956 and I have inserted the room count on each building. I just love finding fascinating facts and information from the Hotel's history. At least, fascinating to me.

This overhead shot was taken some time in 1956, my guess would be June or July. The three North Garden structures were not quite finished as there is still construction going on as evident in this photo. The pool looks finished however it does not look like anybody is swimming. The pool opened late June/early July 1956.

This second shot was taken in 1960. The ninth structure (34 rooms) in the right foreground, was added some time in 1958 or 1959, I could never find the actual date. The last two Garden Structures that were added to the property are on the far right of the picture and contained 36 rooms each bringing the total to 306 total rooms by 1960. The Hotel would soon begin building up instead of out when the first tower was added in 1962.

Again, I have inserted room totals on the new buildings added in 1958/59 and 1960.

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