Monday, November 1, 2010

November 14, 1979 Overhead

At last, an overhead shot of the Disneyland/Disneyland Hotel area which details all of the Hotel features and offsite amenities. The first picture below is the overhead alone.

Next photograph is the same shot with some circles added to it.

The circles are color coded with details below:
Red Circle-Tennisland
Blue Circle-Vacationland
Green Circle-Golf Driving Range
Light Brown Circle- Mini-Golf Facility
Yellow Circle-Heliport

By 1979, the Heliport, Driving Range and Mini-Golf facilities were no longer operating. If you look closely, the Richfield/Arco Service Station and the iconic Disneyland Hotel sign have also been removed. I do not know exact years these last two items were removed but can probably get an idea by researching some other pictures I have. Last interesting note is, the 6th Garden Structure was still in place but would have less than a year of life remaining. It was removed to make way for the Rose Garden and Gazebo; a famous area for weddings and parties.

If you see any other interesting details, just let me know.

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Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, I love aerial views in general, these are great. Hard to believe that there were any undeveloped lots as of 1979!