Sunday, September 12, 2010

Jolly Roger Inn 1967

Here is a nice brochure and rate sheet from the Jolly Roger Inn circa 1967.

Front and back cover

We have stayed at this facility and really enjoyed it. It was clean and comfortable and the food was very good. It was a bit of a walk to Disneyland but they did have a shuttle bus. We also liked that it was close to some eating establishments just accross the street.


walterworld said...

I stayed there once in 2002, and had a good time. I went into the Coffee Shop briefly (it was deserted) and took a picture of that same Spanish Galleon model that is hanging on the wall in the picture. I'd bet that it's long gone now!

The original lounge had just been closed down at that time; I asked and they pointed to a bolted door and gave me the 'no more' sign. Too bad...

The property has been curtailed a bit over the years due to the widening of Katella Aveneue.


le_muse said...

I currently work at the front desk of this hotel. The restaurant is down indefinitely but the spanish galleon model, nautical etched glass windows, and giant brass ship's wheel are all still inside, collecting dust. I have it on good authority that they plan to eventually demolishing the restaurant which makes me sad because I really liked its retro feel. I always believed that with a good menu and some tough love this place could have been great. Anyway, I have to show this webpage to my current managers. They are going to love it!!