Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Brochure Deviations: 1970 Brochure

In collecting Disneyland Hotel items, you may think you already have something when in reality, there were many deviations in the Hotel paper items. Case in point today is a Disneyland Hotel brochure from the 1970's.

At first glance, the covers look the same. If you carefully look, you will see the script is different at the top and the picture has several differences. The pictures were taken very close together and use the same models but, there are differences. Can you spot at least three?

The back cover also has differences. Same picture but, differnt wording.

This had to be 1976 or later and I suspect it was 1976 to announce Tennisland adjacent to the Disneyland Hotel.
This one had to be later than the previous because they started using this type of Disneyland Hotel script in the later 70's. The previous three shots all came from the center of the brochure which was used at the Disneyland Hotel from 1970 to the later 70's.

So when buying Disneyland Hotel items, don't assume you already have something until you really check it out. There are also brochures (which I will detail upcoming) with very subtle changes in them. I can't even be certain I have all the variations but I do have a very large Disneyland Hotel collection.......just ask my wife!

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 Update: Addendum one to our book is finally at the printer.

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