Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Shots From 1958 Film

Today I posted some more still shots from the 16mm film from 1957-58. These feature rare interior shots from the shops at the Disneyland Hotel. Interior shots are not that easy to find, hope you like them. I am now going to try and pin down the shops in which they came from.

1958 Landscaping at the Disneyland Hotel - Award winning landscaping in  1958 at the Disneyland Hotel

Rare Interior 1958 -

Pool Area 1958 - Lush landscaping at the Disneyland Hotel from 1958

Gourmet Restaurant 1958 - Exterior Gourmet Restaurant Disneyland Hotel 1958

Interior shots are not easy to find. This could be any of a number of shops at the Disneyland Hotel in 1958.

1957-58 Coral Club Rules Sign

1958 Wayne's Flowers Interior


Anonymous said...
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walterworld said...

Those still-shots are fantastic.

I think you are right regarding that newly discovered overhead shot of the small building with port-a-potties in back, off Disney property. The Wanderlust Motel was built on that sight very soon after...


Magical Hotel said...

I think I even have a brochure from this Motel. I'll try to dig it up and post some pics of it. Thanks for the info on it.