Monday, May 31, 2010

More 16mm stills

Check out some more stills captured from the 16mm film stock. If you are interested in a copy of this film, just drop me a line. Contact details are available in my profile.

Amenities at the Disneyland Hotel - My best guess is, this is the heater/air conditioner at the Disneyland Hotel circa 1958.

Entering the lobby at the Disneyland Hotel 1958 - The very first lobby at the Disneyland Hotel 1958. The car in the background was used to take certain guests to Disneyland or other places they needed to get. Usually it was for VIP guests.

Shopping at the Disneyland Hotel 1958 - Doesn't everybody wear a mink coat while shopping at the Disneyland Hotel?

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Chris Jepsen said...


Why can't I see any of the photos on your blog? They show up fine on everyone else's Blogger sites, but your's has always just given me the captions without any images.