Saturday, May 15, 2010

1965 Overhead

These wonderful photographs are from my friends at Vintage Disneyland Tickets blog. They detail Disneyland and the surrounding area from 1965. Construction has begun on the Tower addition of the Disneyland Hotel which necessitated the need for a new parking lot for the construction workers. This is a great set of photos and shows the locations for many exciting features at the Disneyland Hotel including the golf facilities, heliport and other exciting locations.

Beatiful detailed shot of Disneyland and the surrounding area. The Disneyland Hotel is on the lower left.

The entire 60 acres of Disneyland Hotel property

1965 Overhead Hotel Section

1965 Overhead Golf Facilities - Driving range & mini-golf

1965 Overhead Mini-Golf Course - The famous mini-golf course with the holes themed after Disneyland attractions. The building to the left served as the store for golf equipment sales and rentals for the mini golf course and driving range.

1965 Overhead Heliport - A close-up of the Heliport in 1965 at the Disneyland Hotel

1965 Overhead New Parking Lot - This parking lot (upper left) was created to accomodate the workers who were building the Tower addition in 1965. Construction can be seen directly south of the existing Tower building.

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