Thursday, January 14, 2010


A couple of 1956 photographs added today. These were just prior to the Hotel's "official" grand opening which took place in August of 1956. Construction was at a frantic pace to meet deadlines. I love the aerial shots and I always try to find something interesting or that I did not know in them. A new building, a new feature or any new tidbit of information. For instance, what's that new building not on Disneyland Hotel property in the middle foreground of the aerial photo? Looks like it has two outhouses in the back of it. Wonder if this is the construction portable or office used to build a new hotel next to the Disneyland Hotel? There is also a large sign next to it which unfortunately, can't be read from this angle.

Final work on the administration building. Looks like a brand new Chevrolet pick-up in this picture.

July 1956 Aerial - The Hotel's official grand opening would be a little over a month away.

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