Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Late in the tenure of the Wrather ownership

After Jack Wrather passed away in late 1984, the Wrather family restructured and attempted to keep the company afloat. It was also at this time that Michael Eisner took over as CEO at Disney and made it a priority to bring the Disneyland Hotel into Disney ownership. Chris Wrather took over as CEO and Bonita Wrather became Chairman of the Board at Wrather Corporation. Disney began to pressure the Wrather's to sell which they eventually did in 1989. This brochure is one of the last while the Hotel was still a Wrather property. It was used in 1987 and 1988.

1987 Brochure - Cover of the brochure from the Disneyland Hotel in 1987

This was at the start of the negotiations between Disney and Wrather

Plenty of activities

Some amenities at the Hotel near the end of the Wrather tenure

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