Saturday, January 17, 2015

Disneyland Hotel Check-In Magazines

We have over 35 issues from 1965-1973 in digital format.

Issues are:

Dec 1973 Mar 1973 Feb 1971 Apr 1970 Jun 1970 Jun 1971 Dec 1970 Oct 1970
Apr 1972 Apr 1965 Apr 1968 Aug 1972 Autumn 1965 Dec 1967 Dec 1965 Dec 1972
Feb 1972 Feb 1966 (4 pages) Jan 1969  Jul 1970 Jul 1967 Jul 1971 Jun 1968 Jun 1969
Apr 1967Apr 1971 Jun 1967 May 1966 Summer 1966 Nov 1968 Nov 1971 Oct 1966
Nov 1969Sep 1967 Sep 1971 Spring 1969 Summer 1965

Here are a few covers.


feelturkey said...
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sgtdisney said...

Awesome covers. Love the look on the little girl's face on the 5,000,000 guest cover. She looks like she's thinking "Ok, so when are we going to Disneyland". The mom is rocking the Carol Brady hair and blue tinted glases. So '70s. Haha. These are awesome.

Unknown said...

Your Article Is This Very Helpful Thanks For Sharing...:)

walterworld said...

I remember this magazine! My family stayed at the Disneyland Hotel every Summer from 1973 to 1983. It was great to find it in the drawer (or was it on the dresser?)

Where can people get scans of the magazines? Will you be selling downloads?

Thanks Don, I hope you continue to post on this Blog. I know it can be a pain.

Take care!

walterworld said...

I know I've tried to leave a comment, but I guess it never gets approved? I really think your blog suffers from the fact that people can't just post a comment and see a timely reply. It's all heavily guarded. Too bad.

Thanks anyway!