Sunday, February 16, 2014

Night Shots at the Original Disneyland Hotel

Photographs taken at night of the Original Disneyland Hotel are not that common. Here are a few that I hope you enjoy.

First shot is from the Marina Tower overlooking Seaports of the Pacific and the Disneyland Hotel Marina.

 Next is a beautiful shot of the Horseshoe Falls in front of the Bonita Tower.
 The Laser Light Show from the mid-70's.
 Ceremonial torch lighting.
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Jon said...

I really did enjoy seeing these photos. I'm presently residing in Texas but I'm originally from California. My parents lived about two miles from Disneyland. I worked there briefly in the
1970's when I was a teen - and I remember the original hotel well.

sgtdisney said...

I remember the laser show. I just read the the artist who created the laser recently passed away a few years ago. Between the lasers, the dancing waters show and the marina, there sure was a lot of entertainment in the marina area.

walterworld said...

Wow these are great! I stayed at The Hotel every summer from 73 to 83. Great times all!