Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Having Fun

Time and again I hear from the Wrather family that Jack and Bonita loved having fun especially in their various business ventures. The pictures below I think show just how fun it would have been to be an employee or a friend of Jack and Bonita Wrather. These were brochures they had printed documenting a road trip to help welcome their friends and business partners from New York City. John Loeb was in the investment firm of Carl M. Loeb, Rhoades & Company who were partners in numerous Wrather Company entities.

Now wouldn't this have been a fun trip?

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walterworld said...

What a great itinerary!

I'll bet they had a fantastic time. The booklet is so charming and perfect for the period...

Was 270 N. Canon Drive the home of the Wrathers? What town was it in?


Magical Hotel said...

This address was where their headquarters building was at in Beverly Hills.

Magical Hotel said...

I just had a 16mm movie converted to DVD and found out (within the movie) that these brochures are from 1960 just after the Wrather's purchased the Kona Kai Club. This was the Wrather's way of celebrating the purchase. This movie has some amazing Disneyland Hotel footage and footage of this 3day safari to celebrate.

walterworld said...

Wow! That 1960 footage would be fun to see.

I went on Google Maps and checked out the Canon Drive address, and it looks like the building is still there. Seems to be very 50's in character. When did the Wrather Corp. move out?

And where was the Kona Kai?


Magical Hotel said...

I am not sure when Wrather moved out? Probably 1988-89 when Disney bought them.

Kona Kai was in San Diego.

I now have 9 different films, all of which have awesome footage.