Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jack Wrather & New Bride Bonita Granville Wrather

Here are some wonderful pictures from 1947 just after Jack Wrather married Bonita. The first one has Jack carrying Bonita over the threshold into their new home.

Next, we have the couple enjoying their morning breakfast.

Last picture shows the newlyweds enjoying a game of cards. Jack's first marriage lasted only a few years however his marriage to Bonita lasted the rest of his life. They were not the typical Hollywood couple and cherished their family life.

Bonita gave up her acting career to help her husband with his many business ventures. She did resume her career shortly in the 50's in acting, producung and directing roles. Bonita was instrumental in many design projects at the Disneyland Hotel. She helped run the company after Jack's passing in 1984 with her son Christopher.


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