Wednesday, December 9, 2009

August 1970 Family Photographs

Today's entry features personal family photographs from Annette Brown (taken by her family) when she was just 6 years old at the Disneyland Hotel in August of 1970. She wrote and told me she only remembered one tower building (Sierra Tower) when she visited in the summer of '69, one year earlier, which was when construction of the Marina Tower had just begun. These 1970 photos were taken just six months after the Marina Tower and Marina had opened. Construction was still in progress on the Cove area in the southwest section of the property. Thanks very much Annette for sharing these treasures with all the blog readers.

Annette Brown at 5 years of age in front of the Cove at the Disneyland Hotel. Construction is still visible in the background of this photograph.

August 1970 view from the Sierra Tower - A full summer parking lot at Disneyland. The pool at the Hotel also looks pretty crowded.

August 1970 view from the Sierra Tower - The Olympic Pool down below and Disneyland off in the distance. The putting green is also visible at the bottom of the picture.

Nice view from the Sierra Tower showing the Plaza Building on the right and some of the Garden Rooms on the northeast section of the Hotel property. A golf cart is also visible taking guests to and from their rooms at the bottom left.

From the southwest corner of the Hotel property with the Marina Tower on the left and Sierra Tower on the right.

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