Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Enhanced Disneyland Hotel Slides

I listed some scans of slides in which I have in my Hotel collection and asked if anyone out there was interested in enhancing them to get them back to what they may have looked like when first purchased. The slides have turned to a reddish hue with age. Blog and website reader Dan Cunningham responded by sharpening up the pictures (see below). First let me state, the pictures I posted were scanned in very low resolution so Dan had very little to work with to begin with. He actually stated he only spent a few minutes with the low res images. I think they clearly show how the slide looked when new. You can contact Dan Cunningham at dcunn74@gmail.com Illustration & Design 516.817.2970. Thanks Dan for taking the time to do this and send them out to me. I may try and scan these at really high resolution to see what can be done.

Enhanced version of early 60's Disneyland hotel slide

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